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Vission & Mission

Vision & Mission - Sitarang Charitable Society

Our Vision

     Perceiving qualitative higher education as the medium of bridging the gap between the rapidly developing towns and the most underdeveloped villages and the hamlets of Junnar Taluka, we visualize inculcating small –skill-based and knowledge-based educational values to promote vocational competence, intellectual abilities, humanistic values, and social awareness by adopting changing concepts used in modern educational systems.

Our Mission

    "Our mission is to lead the socially and economically backward inhabitants of the hilly and tribal villages of Junnar taluka and Bori area from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge, wisdom, sagacity, and human values. Education is not perceived as an end in itself but as a means and device to develop the best head, hand, and heart qualities. We aim to provide the students with the best possible facilities to develop their communicative competence, vocational skills, and confidence to face the rapid changes and challenges." To transform attitudes, values, and priorities by changing mind-sets rejuvenating our learners, and infusing positive energy to take on life's challenges. To empower learners by providing quality education coupled with leadership and professional skills.

Our Objectives

1.To Emphasis on quality education.
2. To provide a congenial academic environment & enhance the intellectual development of the students.
3.To nurture the spirit of social responsibility in the students.
4.To provide opportunities for the overall development of the students.
5.To strengthen the value base by ingraining ethical & moral values in the students, thus creating good human beings.