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General Suggestions

General Suggestions - Shrimati Sitabai Ranguji Shinde Mahavidyalaya

  1. Students must keep their identity cards with them during the college timings.
  2. The students must keep college premises and surroundings clean and tidy.
  3. Both, the students and lecturers have separate stands. Students have to park their vehicles at their own responsibility.
  4. Students are not allowed to change the seating arrangement and rows of the benches. The decision taken by principal regarding the seating arrangement and administration of college is final.
  5. The college peons always keep the rooms clean and students must avoid to make class dirty or untidy.
  6. (C.R.) Class Representative will be selected by merit and rules of university. Class representative has to submit the reports about teaching methods, processes, and extra co–curricular activities to the faulty in charge.
  7. No news related to the college should be published without prior permission of principal.
  8. The relatives have to contact the office before meeting their children. The relatives are not permitted to meet any student directly.
  9. Outsiders are not permitted to enter the college campus. Students have to tell outsiders not to enter the college campus.
  10. Students should get admission in N.C.C. They have to completer with head of N.C.C Prof. Mr. R. N. Vidhate.
  11. Only 250 students will be given admission for N.S.S in senior college. The students have to contact Prof. Mr. R. N. Vidhate, Prof. Mr. R. V. Bhokate. Irregular students and those who are not able to follow the rules should cut down their names from the N.S. S list.
  12. Students have to contact the physical director Prof. Mr. R. N. Vidhate for sports activities and physical education.
  13. Students have to contact the librarian Prof. A. B. Jadhav to get books and I–cards.
  14. The students have to contact Mr. Sarang. Shinde for the admission and other activities related to Open University.
  15. The students have to contact their related subject teacher or lecturers and vice principal if they have any problem.
  16. The students have to give information to their parents or inform about college rules and regulations.
  17. Principal has certain or special rights to change the rules and also create new rules for proper administration.
  18. College is a temple of knowledge and centre of culture and rituals. All the students must keep that in mind and should follow the rules and regulations of discipline, cleanliness and should also participate in various activities to flower their talent and build their future.
  19. The students who do not follow the rules and regulations or discipline of the college should be punished according to college rules and regulations.