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Skating Class

An introduction to skating and is for new skaters. Getting comfortable on the skating is the number one goal as we use games and fun activities to build confidence and teach basic skills such as falling down and getting up, balance and walking in skates.

Music Class

Now that the speaking voice is more fully developed, we’ll turn our attention to finding the song that’s in every heart. The singing we do in class will expand the children’s song repertoire, help them begin to match pitch, and teach them to use their voices expressively.

Dance Class

An introduction to dance with the focus on fun. Students are introduced to basic moves such as skipping and jumping and rhythms such as clapping and stamping. The kids are encouraged to use their creativity and imaginations.

Puppet Show

Puppets are a wonderful way to develop a dance beyond just the movement and back you up when you need a little help.Creating and playing with puppets gives children a chance to be creative, to play with language and vocabulary, collaborate with others and problem solve.

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