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Students Behaviour

Rules regarding Students Behaviour - Shrimati Sitabai Ranguji Shinde Mahavidyalaya

Identity Card:

The students must have to keep their Identity cards with them at all times. The students do not get facilities related to the library, gymkhana, etc. without their Icard.
If students lose their I-card, they have to pay Rs. 30 to get a new I–card. 3 passport size coloured photos are essential to get an I-card.

  1. The students must attend their lectures regularly. They have to appear for all the lectures each day for attendance.
  2. The students have to complete their tutorials and submit them to their subject teachers.
  3. The students have to attend the term end exam and should get minimum 40% marks. If students fail in the term end exam, it is the decision of the principal whether or not to send their forms to the university.
  4. Students will not be allowed to appear for final exams if their attendance is below 75% in each term.
  5. The notices will be put on the board and the students have to read the notice board every day.
  6. The students are not allowed to linger around the classes during lecture hours.
  7. The students have to follow rules about work and discipline given by principal or teachers.
  8. The students have to behave respectfully with office staff; if they are found misbehaving with the staff, they have to face strict punishment.
  9. The students should be punished if they try to damage doors, windows furniture or any other equipment in the college.
  10. The student’s behaviour is very important and they are not allowed to give information to the newspaper for media without principal’s permission.
  11. Gatherings will not be held in the college.
  12. The students will get refund after leaving college.